Drilling Automation

Drilling Automation uses dynamic models fed with both surface and downhole data to control the drilling process to enable safer and more efficient drilling. Our product line called Drillbotics® offers start-up apps from firms we represent.

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Sensors and Data

The use of sensors only to detect trends in the drilling process is being replaced with real time models and offline analysis.  The requirements for measurements and data handling have evolved.

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Training and Business Consulting

Have a new product or services idea?  Need help developing a marketing plan or to get access to a drilling operation to field test and prove your concept?  Need someone to teach your programmers and new engineers about onshore and offshore drilling?

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Since 1993

What can rig ops do for you?

Using our experience and industry contacts, we can help you and your employees.

Rig Ops is already working with start-up firms to sharpen their business plan to introduce their products and services to decision makers in the oil and gas drilling industry.  Whether you are selling software, automation apps or new sensor technology, we can help.

Rig Ops can also develop custom training programs for your inexperienced programmers and engineers to help them understand their role in the drilling process.  Previous clients have seen improved communications between their different development teams leading to faster-to-market actions.  Using the business contacts of Rig Ops allows your team leaders to meet face-to-face with senior industry experts to understand the real needs of your prospective clients and how they value your solutions.


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